How many submissions does Kairos receive?

We received nearly 500 for the competition last year, and we expect to maintain around that number for this year. 

Is the competition international?

Yes. We have received submissions from more than a dozen countries. Please be aware of the fact that all submission must be in English.

Are all genres considered?

Yes. While the vast majority of submissions have been family dramas, comedies, epics and bio-pics – we have received some rather terrific horror, western, action adventure, science fiction and animation.

What does “circa” mean on the submission form?

The word means “around or about.” What we are asking is “when” the story takes place – i.e. – present day, 1800’s, etc.

Do you provide coverage to entrants?

Regrettfully no, we are unable to provide coverage to entrants. Our readers and judges notes are confidential and are not structured in a way that would provide viable assistance to the new or beginning writer as they are written from the point of view of the competition and maintaining its guidelines. There are many great outlets for script counselling and feedback as well as wonderful secular and Christian writing programs that fulfill this need.

What length should the script be?

Scripts should be between 87 and 130 pages in length. We will accept scripts up to 150 pages (not counting the title page) – however we charge an additional $20 for scripts exceeding 130 pages.

Do you accept episodic, TV or short film scripts?

No. We only accept feature length screenplays.

Do you accept musicals?

We do accept feature length screenplays that are musicals – however we are unable to accept music CDs and the like as a compliment of the script. In the end – the script must stand on its own.

Are scripts read in their entirety and what is the process?

All qualifying submissions are read in their entirety. We do not simply read the first few pages to see if it “grabs” us. It is the obligation of any competition to fully review its submissions. It is not their prerogative. We have a large group of readers all over the world that read for the Kairos Prize. All scripts are read a minimum of two times before any decision is made as to whether or not they will go to the next level. If a script moves forward it goes into our semi-final rounds and to our list of industry judges.

Do you accept hard copies of the script?

No. Due to the fact that our readers are all over the world – it is impossible for us to accept hard copies.


Is there a limit to the number of entries I may submit?


May I re-submit a script that I submitted a previous year?

Absolutely. If you have reworked your script and would like to submit the same title again – you are more than welcome to do so.