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The Kairos Prize for Spiritually Uplifting Screenplays is unlike any other script contest. The Kairos Prize not only offers a substantial cash prize of $15,000 for both new and established screenwriters, but it gets your screenplay into the hands of top studio executives and production houses looking to purchase inspiring scripts.

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Want that Hollywood break? Enter your script today for a chance to win big! The Kairos Prize has two categories this year, one specifically for new and beginning screenwriters, the other category is for the pros!


To Nathan Leon (pictured on the right from the 2019 Movieguide® Awards in Hollywood) for winning the $15,000 prize for Beginning Screenwriters for his screenplay GRACE BY NIGHT. His screenplay is about a man who "takes a job as a crisis hotline responder as a means of coping with a family tragedy."


To Paul Cooper (pictured on the left from the 2019 Movieguide® Awards) for winning the $15,000 prize for Established Filmmakers for their screenplay MINGO ROAD, about "a man is released after 16 years in prison and returns to the town where he was responsible for the accidental deaths of 18 children, stretching the Christian value of forgiveness to its limits."